Our Team

Ridmi Magazine is a project put together by a team of highschool students from Romania, aiming to be the center of the artistic and spiritual life of the world.


Ana Craciun

Ana is 16 and aims to make the world a better place someday, even if it does sound cliche. She loves playing the piano and listening to classical music. She is fascinated by foreign languages, makeup and philosophy. Her favorite activity is laughter.


Miruna Vlad

Miruna is a high school senior in ICHB. Her favorite things to do are painting, watching movies, and playing tennis. She wants to study science and travel the world.


Ioana Scriosteanu

Ioana is a student at Tudor Vianu National College in eleventh grade. She has a passion for music and theatre, being a musical actress, but also she is a fan of mathematics and physics. She is the kind of person who embraces every challenge, enjoying to discover new things about the world.


Gherghescu Diana

Student in the XI-th grade at "Gheorghe Lazar" National College,has a passion for film-making and arts.


Theo Cristea

Theo is a 17 year old student at ICHB. He is passionate about mathematics,rap music and poetry. His goal in life is to change the world somehow.
Don't ever write his name without an 'H', he'll get mad.


Andreea Morecut

17 year old teenager, passionate about writing, the quirky creations of the human mind and everything related to art.

poza ridmi.jpg

Chelsea Nicole

Stuck in the quarrel between the left and right side of her brain she is just another eager, confused teenager who wants to embody her thoughts and desires into tangible creations that may or may not help others create their world. Also, she loves pizza and procrastinating!  #CNBGCstudentandproud


Maria Avram

Maria is in tenth grade at AISB. She is very passionate about literature and theater, and she loves reading, writing and Broadway musicals. She likes science, math and robotics as well.


Mihnea Romanovschi

Mihnea is a writer at Ridmi magazine. He is interested in science and history. He thinks that to understand the world that we live in, we must take a look at out history and learn from it. Sciences such as mathematics, biology and physics hold the future for us, while history teaches us how to handle the future. His favourite pass time activity is reading.


Tana Cuturela

In the eleventh grade at the Gheorghe Lazar National College, would very much like to mantain her mistery for the moment. Willing to let her writing speak for her.


Radu Ghita

Space and time
And words that rhyme.
A student in the eleventh grade at Saint Sava National College intrested in philosophy, quantum physics, poetry and film-making.